The benefits of a rebel mindset

Made by a team of adventurers and creative thinkers from Milwaukee.

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It’s Sales AND Marketing, Not Sales OR Marketing: There is a gaping hole in your marketing strategy! By not involving your sales team, you are missing out on fundamental market intelligence. Knowing how to make these two critical functions work harmoniously includes both art and science. Rebel Girl can help!
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Dare To Be Different: Are you sick of your marketing campaigns looking like everyone else? With an army of very talented designers at our disposal, we will come up with collateral and a website that makes you stand out from the rest and be a thought leader in your industry. Design is so much more than ‘making it pretty;’ it’s about attracting, engaging and converting your clients and future clients. If your messaging doesn’t answer the question, “how can I help?” – you need an new design!
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It Takes A Village: Marketing has changed more in the past two years than the last ten before it, combined! Knowing how to pull together a network of experts in graphic design, website coding, content writing, digital marketing and event-based marketing will provide you with the best all-around marketing plan to take your organization to the next level. It is my job to manage all things marketing so you can concentrate on running your business.


Marketing doesn’t need to be complex… it just needs to be done! Business owners want to run their business, not worry about what to post on social media,
manage their website or figure out what events to attend. That is my job. No matter what you have done so far, we always start with the basics of marketing: KNOW – LIKE – TRUST.

KNOW: Do your potential clients KNOW you exist? Do your previous clients remember you?

LIKE: Do they LIKE what you have to say? Are you a thought leader in your industry?

TRUST: Do they TRUST you enough to buy from you? Buy from your team?

Rebel Girl Marketing is your first step to developing (or reinventing) a marketing function at your organization. It’s simple – You talk, I listen and together we
create a strategy that makes sense for you. I want you to think differently about your marketing strategy, so you stand out from your competitors… let’s break
the rules of conventional marketing!

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“Well behaved women rarely make history”

- Eleanor Roosevelt

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