Marketing is a Team Sport

Marketing is a Team Sport

And for that matter… so is sales!

Let me explain:

No matter what role you play at your organization, at some point you will be in contact with the outside world. If not, then you need to go outside, breathe some fresh air, and consider getting a new job!

Picture this: you are at lunch with a couple of your co-workers. You are chatting about work at a local restaurant and someone at the next table overhears some keywords from your industry. The person at the next table starts a conversation with you to find out more about your organization and all you have to say is, “I’m not sure, that is sales’ job” – and POOF! that opportunity is lost.

Now picture yourself in the same lunchtime situation and instead you say something like this: “Yes, we do offer those solutions and we have several clients in your vertical that we have helped in the past. Would it be ok if I took your business card and had someone from our team give you a call to discuss this further?”

Which one do you think will lead to a sale?

Providing success stories and marketing strategies to your entire organization will lead to three very important outcomes:

  1. Your entire team will be more engaged with your organization: leading to increased loyalty (aka less turnover)
  2. You create brand championing (hence, increasing brand awareness)
  3. Increased revenue through more leads coming into your pipeline

I have seen this first hand at organizations I have worked at in the past. Leadership offers a companywide teleconference for anyone to hear about how the organization is doing financially, new product launches, success stories, marketing campaigns… (you get the idea). These quarterly gatherings built an entire organization of brand champions. Now, instead of relying on your sales team and marketing campaigns to get the word out, all of your people become committed to furthering the success of your brand.

Here the call to action: pull your leadership team together and get your entire organization up to date on how awesome you really are!!

Not sure where to start? There are benefits to a #RebelMindset and I would be happy to help!

Lisa Raebel