Take Marketing Off Your “Necessary Evil” List

Take Marketing Off Your “Necessary Evil” List

Necessary? YES

Evil? Not so much…

I meet a number of small business owners and they have a hard time with the idea of spending their hard-earned money on marketing. Mostly, it’s because they have no idea where to start! Digital marketers say digital is the answer, social media specialists say it’s social… and on it goes.

What business owners need is a strategy that is build specifically for THEM, not what is popular and trending at that moment.

Marketing is storytelling. It’s that simple. Let the person you are talking to picture why you do what you do. Not a long story! Short, simple, and to the point will keep them wanting to learn more about you. Tell them just enough to engage with you.

Let me give you some examples of what I am talking about. Below you will find taglines and introductory sentences that tell a story. These are from a few amazing, local organizations that I have been lucky enough to work with and each one can be said in under 10 seconds:

Roofing Consultant

It’s more than just a roof, it’s what protects your business and your people.

CFO Consultant

I tell you what you need to hear, not what you want to hear, and help you implement solutions.

Home Builder

I love to see the joy that our craftwork brings to our clients. It is not always easy, but always well worth the effort! 

Real Estate Broker

I absolutely believe that helping you find the home that fits your needs for whatever season you are in or an investment property to help build your portfolio, it allows you to live your best life. 

Rebel Girl Marketing

When you align your sales and marketing strategies with your business goals, you win!

What is your story?

Why did you start your company or why do you work for the company you work for now? (HINT: money is NOT the correct answer… if it is, you can stop reading this post).

Get to the HEART (passion/emotion) of why you do what you do, not the HEAD (logic/reason).

Recently, I met a gentleman who is an IT Engineer and has his own company. He is very smart, friendly, and passionate about IT. However, over the past year his closing rate has gone down significantly. After we talked for a bit, we uncovered the reason: by building a successful business, he started to lack the time to build a relationship (aka heart portion) with his prospects, the selling process became more transactional. Can his team do the work? YES! Then why is their closing rate declining? It’s because prospects don’t know how much passion this organization has for IT.

This business issue can be easily fixed. This organization donates time and resources to non-profit organizations to help youth find their passion for STEM programs. They don’t volunteer for the recognition; they do it because it’s the right thing to do. This is pure HEART!! By simply posting a few photos on social media and on their website of their team’s volunteer efforts, prospects will find an instant connection to this organization. It tells a story and differentiates them from other IT consultants.

Whether you are selling B2B or B2C, buying is an emotional activity.

What is your story?

Not sure where to start? I’d love to help! You can find me at lisa@rebelgirlmarketing.com


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Lisa Raebel