Part 2: Being the Master Chef of your Marketing – Your Team

Part 2: Being the Master Chef of your Marketing – Your Team

Part 1 was about how the Chef is the strategist for their restaurant; knowing what idiosyncrasies define their guests and how to create a strategy that appeals to them.

Today, let’s talk about how a Chef does not work alone in her/his kitchen. If you pop your head into a restaurant’s kitchen, you will find the Head Chef giving the orders – yet, you will also find several other people who make up the rest of the staff. There is a sous chef who is second in command, a pastry chef, grill chef, sauté chef, porter, and dishwasher, (just to name a few). Each one having a critical role in making sure the designed menu comes out exactly as the Chef has created it.

Here is where I need to make sure you understand that unlike the plate leaving the kitchen exactly as designed, marketing is not an exact science. There are metrics to help determine the best course of action to take for a particular audience, yet how your audience reacts is completely up to your audience! (Just like one person could love the chef’s special and the next person sends it back to the kitchen.)

The Chef of Marketing needs to have specialists at their disposal as well:

  • web designers and developers
  • graphic designers
  • brand managers
  • data/metrics analyst
  • market researchers
  • content writers
  • printers

Specialists in:

  • eCommerce
  • search engine optimization (SEO)
  • public relations
  •  social media
  • email marketing
  • digital marketing

Based on the strategy that your Chef of Marketing cooks up, they will hire or outsource people with these special skills to make the campaign run smoothly. Not all of these specialists are needed all of the time; it will depend upon that campaign’s strategy to make sure your message is presented to the right audience, at the right time, and in a manner that resonates with your audience.

Marketing is both an art and a science. AND, just to make it interesting… what works today may not work tomorrow. Technology, and the underlying regulations that come with it, is changing the way marketers can reach and engage with you. (That is a whole other topic for another day.)

Overwhelmed? Don’t be. This may seem like a lot to absorb, yet marketing geeks love this stuff! The challenge of crafting the right message in a medium that reaches your audience is fun and fascinating.

Your Chef of Marketing can be someone you hire internally or outsource. The key is to find someone who fits in with your culture, listens to you and your team, and is not afraid of trying new ways of getting your brand in front of your target audience.

Not sure where to start? Let me know, I am happy to help!

Be sure to check out Part 3 on how the Chef of Marketing’s communication skills is critical to increasing revenue.

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Lisa Raebel