Why do a Brand Refresh?

Why do a Brand Refresh?

When you start a company, you have a direction and an idea of what kind of client you hope to work with, as well as what services/products you will be providing them.

So, you get to work.

Then, real-world experiences start to pile up. You start to see a trend in what is or is not working for you and your organization.

After a period of time when you have a better grasp of your strengths, your ideal clients profile, and the services highest in demand… you realize you need to redefine, reevaluate, and refocus the ‘who’ you want to work with and the ‘what’ you have to offer your clients.

If you look at your current marketing, does it reflect who you are today?

Your brand is what other people say about you when you’re not in the room.
–Jeff Bezo
Be Aware: It takes a village! This is not something you undertake all by yourself. Ask others to help:
  • keep you accountable – the process can be distracting, so ask a work BFF to keep you on track, both for the refresh and making sure your client work is done!
  • brainstorm ideas of what the refresh will look like in the end – have a clear vision of what you want others to know about you and your company.
  • write content about yourself that you find difficult to do – I love writing about my clients, they are amazing. I am not great at writing about myself.
  • hire a professional photographer – find one that fits your personality, understands your vision, and will be honest about what will and will not work for your brand.
  • keep you grounded and encourage you along the way.

Here’s an example of staying grounded, last week after discussing my personal refresh journey with a good friend, she said to me: “hiring a marketing consultant with a poor website and branding is like hiring a landscaper with a hideous front yard.” Yep. ‘Nuff said.

85% of customers conduct online research before making a buying decision–Oberlo

Let’s face it, people stalk you online before they contact you. They look at your website, your social feeds and want to hear from other people how amazing you are = testimonials, (that is a topic for another week’s post).

I am working with on the refresh of Rebel Girl Marketing… a bit more Rebel than before.

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Lisa Raebel