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How often do you say, “That was fun!”?

The little girl in the photo is me on my 6th birthday. Back then, I could find the fun in almost anything… except eating broccoli. Broccoli is still disgusting and

BrainFart | BrainFog | BrainBlock

Can I say, ‘brain fart’? Or should I call it ‘cerebral flatulence’ to be more politically correct? We’ve been working from home and social distancing for a while now. If

“Lisa is a special person to me. Why? She changed a 35+ year viewpoint of mine that marketing was a waste of money. She challenged me and refocused me to think of my target audience. She showed me how to create a unified message? She kept me on track when other could not. What has that meant to me? Everything. Using what she taught me I started networking with a purpose. Someone gave me a hashtag #lunchwithlorry. Using what Lisa told me I turned that into a brand that is now moving across the United States. That is Lisa. Not there to rack up bills like a big marketing company. She learns what makes you tick and then teaches, guides and helps you meet your goals. And for that I thank her!”

Lory Rifkin

CPA Partner Clarity Management, LLC. #lunchwithlorry
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