There are benefits to a #rebelmindset

It Starts With STRATEGY

Marketing in its simplest form is storytelling.

Selling in its simplest form is telling that story to others. 

Henry Ford said, “Those who stop marketing to save money are like those who stop a clock to save time.”

When strategizing with a client, I ask some hard questions, ask you to do some homework, and brainstorm with you and your team as to what makes the most sense when it comes to your marketing time, budget, and efforts.

In the end, you will have a clear understanding of what your story is, who needs to hear it, and most importantly, where to tell it!

Sales & Marketing Expertise


Training & Speaking

Marketing is storytelling and selling is simply telling that story to others!

Whether you have a sales and marketing team or you are the sales and marketing team for your organization, creating a smooth and enjoyable customer journey is the key to growth. There are many potholes that can form along your customer’s journey that you may not know are there and that can cause them to pause or even veer away from your organization. 

Topics include: 

  • The Power of Your Pitch
  • Ideal Client Avatar Creation Session
  • Play Nice in the Sandbox! Sales & Marketing Collaboration
  • Understanding Your Customers’ Journey
  • Marketing as a Mindset – Improve Your Organizational Health

Training on the art of sales and marketing is what I love to do best! If you are looking for a speaker for your team, organization, or event. Let’s chat!


Strategy Sessions

It’s time to stop throwing your marketing against the wall to see if it will stick.

By aligning your business goals with your marketing strategies, your marketing will work with your business goals instead of against them. Knowing your story allows you to create cohesive and relevant messaging that leads to better conversation and more sales.

Strategy Sessions include:

  • Differentiators and how to tell your story
  • Who your ideal client is and where to find them
  • Create campaigns that resonate
  • Internal marketing and recruiting strategies
  • Customers’ Journey timeline and potential gaps

In the end, you’ll have clarity and confidence in your marketing and sales efforts. I am here to help.

Half-day (4 hours) and full-day (7 hours) sessions are available and include 30/60/90 day accountability sessions.


PT Marketing Director for Hire

Marketing is a team sport! 

Marketing is ongoing; it never stops. I look at marketing from an organizational health perspective, not a task to be completed; working with your business growth strategies to create marketing the ebbs and flows as needed to make sure you hit all of your business goals.

You need someone to lead your marketing efforts, just not on a full-time basis. With over 28 years of experience in both sales and marketing, leading the charge for business owners who need to take that role off their already overflowing plate is what I do best. Working with the leaders of an organization to lead the charge in their marketing efforts and project manage large initiatives gives the business owner time back on their calendar and less worry on their minds. 

Let’s chat and see where I can help you move your marketing efforts to the next level.


‘Content is king’ has been said for a long time now in marketing and it is not going away anytime soon. Foundationally, marketing is about three things:


KNOW: Does your target audience know you exist?

LIKE: Do they like what you have to say/offer?

TRUST: Do they trust you enough to buy from you?

Content can help with the KNOW and LIKE part of this equation.

Buying is an emotional process, so emotion plays a large part in your content. It pulls your audience in and leads them to make a decision one way or another. Understanding what emotion leads to sales will lead to great content.

Do you need help with content for:

  • Website
  • Bios
  • Elevator pitch
  • And more… let’s talk

“Besides her many strengths as a branding guru, Lisa is also an astute project manager. She know that no marketing person can do everything well, so doesn’t hesitate to bring in other specialists to advance her clients’ interests. I’ve been privileged to provide public relations and copywriting services on numerous occasions. Similarly, I’m happy to refer my clients to Lisa, because I know they’ll find her both extremely knowledgeable and easy to work with.”

Rick Moon

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