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Helping others to better understand marketing is so much fun! Come prepared to work; any time I present, audience participation is involved, so you walk away with actionable items that you can implement when you get back to your office.

Whether you need to fill 20 minutes or two hours, I can adapt the topic to fit your organization’s needs.

A Sampling of Topics:

The Power of Your Pitch

You have 8.25 seconds to grab someone’s attention. Is your pitch up to the task? Or, when asked “what do you do?” do you go on… and on… and on… and on?

This workshop-style training is perfect for your team or your networking group to learn how to write a pitch that not only grabs their attention but gets your audience asking for more.

Defining Your Ideal Client

Knowing who your ideal client is… is one thing. Knowing how to effectively communicate to others who your ideal client is… is a whole other skill. After this session,  you will be able to describe them so clearly the person you are talking to will picture someone in their network to connect you to.

It’s not just about demographics, it’s also about mindset and needs.

First Prospect Meeting Success

Selling is not easy. Yet, I can teach you (and your team) how to wow your prospects during that first prospecting calls. 

What can you do to prepare yourself for that first meeting with a new prospect? What products/services will you pitch and why? What questions can you ask to identify if they are the right fit for your organization and your team? I can help answer these questions, and more!

Networking on Purpose

Your time is precious, so spend it at the right networking organizations. Networking is not always about gaining leads, sometimes you simply need a community to get you through these uncertain times and where are you going to stay on top of your game?

Understanding where to best spend your time is the key to growth. 

Content that Connects

When creating content, ask yourself: “Why would anyone care about this?” Your answer will guide you in your content creation. In this session, you will learn some quick and easy tips on how to create relevant content and utilize your team’s knowledge and experiences without taxing their schedules.

Sales AND Marketing, Not Sales OR Marketing

These are two distinct functions in an organization yet need each other to grow your business effectively. If your sales team is not working directly with your marketing team, there will be a disconnect in your efforts to grow your business.

Get these two functions on the same page and watch your brand awareness and sales numbers skyrocket!  

Mini Strategy Session

This topic is great for associations that hold training for their members. Participants will complete a worksheet that goes through a series of questions to help clearly identify their ideal clients, discover where they hang out, and create a message that will resonate with their audience. We will also talk about what makes the different marketing channels (ie: social media, digital marketing, print, and the like) work for some industries and not for others. The flow of the presentation is interactive with participants asking questions and sharing ideas along the way.


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“Lisa has been a pleasure to work with! She is creative, timely, and I always feel like she’s looking out for me. She goes above and beyond and is certainly a great value. For a small business owner it’s great to have someone you can trust with everything from advertising to design and public relations.”

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